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28 Sep
September 28, 2017


When Lawyer Checker was launched five years ago to protect money transmissions linked to property purchase, develloping its talented young workforce to keep pace with rapid business growth was a key priority…

          Lawyer Checker set about finding and hiring people who it believed had the ability to succeed. After giving them internal support to progress rapidly from entry level positions into more advanced and business-critical roles, they were then provided with specialist one-to-one coaching from Hunter Roberts, the people development consultancy, to accelerate their growth even further.

Coaching from Hunter Roberts is a very important too to ensuring my young and talented managers reach their potential and as the business grows we don’t hit pain barriers because we are all talking the same management language and share a set way of doing things.
Chris Harris, Managing Director

You can download the full case study here :

Lawyer Checker Case Study
Lawyer Checker Case Study

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