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Executive & management coaching

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One-to-one coaching and group workshop interventions to equip managers and executives with the skills they need to lead and influence others and demonstrate a growth mindset.

Executive and management coaching from Hunter Roberts can: 

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Enable achievement of personal potential

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Support leadership stretch, transition & development

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Enhance influencing & coaching skills 

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Increase change agility & resilience

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Develop cognitive  behavioural skills

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Increase awareness of  personal brand & impact

Our coaching credentials

Our coaches and consultants share globally respected accreditations, including:

– StrengthScope®

– Core Strengths©

– Coaching in the Thinking Environment (Time to Think)

– Strengths-focused coaching (positive psychology)

– Gestalt

– Cognitive behavioural coaching

– Coaching with neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

– Team coaching

All our coaches are accredited by a recognised coaching body and we provide opportunities for them carry out professional development. 

Each of our coaches carries out a minimum of 60 hours continuous professional development (CPD) every year.  Our coaches who are also coaching supervisors carry out a minimum of 40 hours coaching supervision. 

We continually research and learn leading edge coaching tools to enhance our clients’ coaching experience and keep ourselves at the front of coaching knowledge and best practice. 

Recently, our CPD focus has been in the Thinking Environment with a number of our coaches building their skills as Thinking Partners, Time to Think Coaches and Time to Think Facilitators. 

In previous years we have focused on our coaches gaining accreditation and experience in working with Strengthscope and Strengthscope Team, one of the world’s leading strength assessment and development tools that helps individuals, teams and organisations build greater awareness of their strengths and how these can be used to optimise performance and engagement at work. 

All our coaches engage in one-to-one and/or peer or group coaching supervision.