What are people judging you on?

02 Jun
June 2, 2016

Susy Roberts, 2nd June 2016

It’s always good when a Harvard psychologist publishes research proving something you’ve intuitively known to be true for years.

According to associate professor Amy Cuddy, people not only judge you within seconds when they first meet you, but they don’t really pay any attention to what you can offer until deciding whether or not they can trust you.

Even though this affects every aspect of our life, from our ability to attract friends and opportunities, to our career progression, most of us give little or no thought to our personal brand outside of our physical appearance.

Of course how we look is important, we wouldn’t have a youth-obsessed culture and multi-trillion beauty industry if it wasn’t, but your personal brand is so much more than this. It’s the essence of you, the unique traits that make you special.

So how can you go about uncovering your brand essence and using that to create the life you want? Not least when you’ve only got seconds before someone else forms an opinion of you and it typically takes another 19 interactions to change someone’s first impression of you!

Uncovering your brand essence

Before you decide to embark on a shamanic journey to find your inner wolf, it’s worth remembering that we’re already connected to our inner self in the form of our strengths – those things that we naturally excel at and derive great pleasure from doing.

Unfortunately, our preoccupation with fixing our weaknesses, instead of allowing ourselves to excel at what we’re great at, means many of us have become disconnected from our strengths and therefore our inner self.

A useful first exercise to reconnecting with your essence is to ask others what they think you do best or take a strengths assessment, in the form of a short online questionnaire, to identify your top seven strengths.

Whether you discover that you’re naturally creative, brilliant at influencing, have amazing attention to detail, or the ability to share knowledge, the key thing is that you reconnect with what makes you tick.

Three ways to live your brand essence

Once you know what your brand essence is, the next thing is to bring this to life. Three ways to do this are:

  1. Remind yourself every day “This is what I’m about”
  2. Seek out projects that compliment your brand essence (strengths)
  3. Align your brand with the needs of the organisation

This last point is particularly important as it not only enables you to demonstrate your brand and build a reputation for doing what you’re good at, but also places you at the heart of what’s important to the business. For example, if you have an exceptional eye for detail and work for a luxury hotel, aligning your ability to make things perfect with the hotel’s need to present a stunning environment will make you much more valuable to the organisation.

Similarly, if you work for a sluggish organisation and have a strategic ability to weigh up different options, to quickly identify the best way forward, both you and the organisation would benefit from you helping to speed up the decision-making process.

When you proactively manage your brand essence in this way, your reputation precedes you, so that your boss and others throughout the organisation will know what they can count on you to do and actively seek out your expertise on the areas that tie in with the brand you’ve created.

Creating a positive first impression

What’s more, when you know what makes you special and different and proactively create opportunities to showcase this, you gain confidence and praise which will boost your self-esteem and general happiness levels and willingness to help others. All of which will help you to come across as more authentic and trustworthy in those first few seconds of meeting new people than any attempt to plaster on a fake smile or create a persona that isn’t really you.

Ultimately, a great brand, be it personal or otherwise, is a promise about what’s to come and if that’s based on something genuine that comes from within you, it will be incredibly powerful.

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