The soft skills leaders will need when we go back to work

We’ve written so much about remote working and returning to work over the last two years, it feels very much like Groundhog Day. Not yet two weeks since the much-lauded ‘Freedom Day’, the government refuses to endorse a return to work and a poll shows that the vast majority of people want to continue to […]

Go easy on employees as they go back to the office

The government is lifting its guidance to work from home, and people are nervous. The Covid threat is still there, and being told to live with it doesn’t make it any easier for those who feel anxious about being back in work. The way leaders approach the return to work will have a big impact […]

Link visions to outcomes & live values to engage teams

All strong, successful leaders share one common trait: the ability to align teams with their vision and achieve their goals. But sharing your leadership vision isn’t simply a case of coming up with a snappy paragraph to display on walls or print in a glossy brochure to hand out at an AGM. The vision and […]

What the pandemic has taught us about online learning

The nature of the work we do at Hunter Roberts means we’ve always valued in-person coaching over online training. Online has its benefits and we’ve always incorporated remote sessions into our training programmes.  But whether it’s the body language of a global leader in a coaching session or observing how teams work together during group […]

Working from home? Some tips for employers

Remote working has been steadily increasing in popularity, but the pandemic has enforced us to adapt en masse. With little or no warning, it’s very much a case of muddling through. But there are some simple thing you can do to keep morale high and make sure productivity doesn’t fall off a cliff. Have clear […]

There’s no vaccine for the impact of Covid on mental health

According to a February study in the Lancet, there is a large burden of unmet need related to mental health conditions. My own experience confirms this. A lot of companies are raising awareness and within the workplace and facilitating mental health sessions, but I’m seeing this from two angles. Companies are busier than ever because […]

Helping young people in the post-pandemic work landscape

Workers aged under 25 during the pandemic in the UK were twice as likely to have lost their jobs, particularly in retail, hospitality and the gig economy. A recession still isn’t out of the question, and employers continue to make cuts. In the midst of this uncertainty, I’m seeing a lot of consulting groups advising […]

Break the cycle of procrastination

Procrastination is frustrating but not always unnecessary. Sometimes we need to stop and process what we’re doing in order to see the bigger picture, or simply sit in quiet reflection to give our brains a break. But if you find yourself constantly putting off tasks and it’s having a negative impact on your working day, […]

Progressing your career during a pandemic

Redundancies and remote working are, unfortunately, strongly associated with the coronavarius pandemic. Those of us who are lucky enough to remain in employment may be thanking our lucky stars and not inclined to push our luck. But the pandemic doesn’t have to mean promotion is out of the question. First, be visible. Make sure you […]

If you’re craving change, a sabbatical may be the answer

What a year we’ve had. The levels of disruption are unprecedented in my lifetime, and there’s no end in sight to furloughs, cancelled foreign holidays and being apart from our families. Many of us are craving routine and can’t wait to be back in the office. But the events of the last year have made […]

Building a brand? Speak to HR

When an organisation develops its brand, it’s a common mistake to focus on style over substance. Branding isn’t just about the product or service, it’s the people and the experience customers have of doing business with an organisation. HR plays a critical role in understanding how the organisation’s people demonstrate the brand values and shape […]

How to deal with jealousy at work

Jealousy is incredibly common in the workplace, and left unchecked it can quickly poison whole departments. Knowing how to deal with it means identifying the cause and ironing out issues before they take hold. People can feel jealous at work if someone is more competent than they are, if they see someone promoted and believe […]

Change in times of uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, leaders and managers face a particular set of challenges. Regardless of the type of change or level of disruption, there are four essential elements to take into account. Roles are constantly evolving and strategies should take this into account With the rapid pace of digitilisation, together with a tumultuous political and […]

Skills for change

The modern workplace is a place of change, and the Covid-19 crisis has brought that sharply into focus. Even in pre-pandemic times, there were many changes taking place in the modern workplace with the rapid pace of digitalization and a constantly evolving political and social landscape. And while the virus may not be here to […]

Covid and the impact on older workers

If you’re an older worker struggling with work during the pandemic, or an employer who wants to help your older employees, Susy Roberts has some reassurance and advice. One of the lasting legacies of the pandemic will be the increase in working from home. And while this new flexibility is welcomed by many, it’s not […]

The value of culture

Real culture change comes from the top of an organisation, but every decent CEO knows that engaging those below is just as important. Instilling cultural values requires inclusive and purposeful leadership, with a leadership team who live their mission and values, rather than simply announcing them. Cultural values are so much more than token statements, […]

Being present, even when you’re remote

I’m increasingly asked to comment on how to handle remote working and retain a feeling of connection when teams can’t meet in person. It’s an important topic. Working remotely doesn’t allow people to naturally find out about each other. In a face-to-face setting, you would naturally discuss elements of your personal life. Everyday conversation refers […]