Transforming Meetings

1 day, up to 12 participants

The Time to Think Transforming Meetings workshop give you experience of the Thinking Environment and provides you with a range of new facilitation tools, techniques and behaviours that you can apply immediately to deliver more effective, efficient and engaging meetings.

Understanding how to create a Thinking Environment in your meetings enables you to set up the conditions in which people are able to think independently and creatively for themselves, free from group think, production blocking and other facilitation pitfalls.  Key is Generative Attention that Nancy Kline describes as ‘listening to ignite the human mind.’

You’ll discover Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and how to facilitate using Time to Think techniques including Rounds, Thinking Pairs, Dialogue and Open Discussion as well as The Council, Presentations in a Thinking Environment and how to bring everything together into the structure of Transforming Meetings (which does exactly what it says – it transforms your meetings!)

You’ll also discover best practice approaches to designing agendas for meetings and how to facilitate meetings that are inclusive, energising and achieve their purpose and defined outcomes.

By the end of the day you’ll have worked with your co-participants to facilitate a meeting using your new skills with coaching from your Course Leader.

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