Our Time to Think courses are run as in-house or open programmes and introduce participants to the skills and behaviours needed to create and work in a Thinking Environment, a revolutionary and transformative approach to working with groups and individuals developed by Nancy Kline.  Our courses show participants how to develop independent thinking in their organisations, teams and one-to-one, enabling the generation of diverse and creative thinking, problem solving and constructive approaches to conflict.

Working in a Thinking Environment is the antidote to rushed and repetitive decision-making in our all too busy organisations and lives.  In meetings and work relationships we are usually so focused on presenting, communicating and ticking off the ‘to do’ list that we skip over working out what we really think in the first place.  The paradox of a Thinking Environment is that listening more than speaking and working easefully rather that ‘at pace’ produces better results and so much more quickly than our accustomed approached.

Our Principal Coach and Consultant, Kate Howsley, is accredited by Nancy Kline to run Time to Think workshops and certificated courses and is also an accredited Time to Think Coach and Coach Supervisor.  For more information please contact gemma@hunterroberts.com.

Transforming Meetings

The Time to Think Transforming Meetings Workshop immerses participants in the Thinking Environment to discover the benefits and opportunities of running meetings with a range of new facilitation tools, techniques and behaviours.

Foundation Course

The Time to Think Foundation Course provides the opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth understanding and experience of the Thinking Environment including the Ten Components, Independent Thinking, Thinking Pairs, Rounds, Dialogue, Open Discussion, Meetings, The Council, Presentations and Facilitation.

Thinking Partnership Course

The Thinking Environment is all about independent thinking with the coach acting as the thinking partner holding the space for the coachee, enabling the coachee to do their best and most creative thinking in an environment offering generative attention, ease and equality.

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